Imagine the following, if you will, in the voice of the wonderful Sir David Attenborough…

Here we have the uncommon Danny Deeptown. Some might say he is an endangered specie as he is not seen by many, but the truth is he is an illusive creature who is most often found in his studio drawing away for long periods of time with wildlife documentaries on in the background and his cat, Bernie, for company.

Being obsessed with wildlife from a young age, Deeptown found his love of drawing through hours of copying scientific illustrations from books of animals and dinosaurs. On occasion, he would visit Paignton zoo with whoever would to take him. There he would sneak off with a sketchbook to find a quiet place to observe and draw the animals. Once or twice he was intentionally left there or just couldn't be found, either way he didn't mind. Some way or another he found his way home like a pigeon always does. Some say he's half pigeon, but thats another story!

Receiving good grades at school, especially in Art where he received an A (although he sometimes tells people he got an A+) led him to study Advanced Art and Design at South Devon College. It was here that he could completely focus on Art and found a love for classic book illustration and the use of pen and ink. Did I mention he finished the course with a distinction, was student of the year and won a £10 Woolworths gift card?? Anyway…

He later went on to study Illustration at Swansea Metropolitan where he was given the freedom to learn and develop his style around book illustration. He gained his honours degree and completed the course with a 2.1. Perhaps there was a chance he could have received a 1st, but he was partial to a tipple or 2 and wanted to live a little.

Illustration and text ©DannyDeeptown



Today, Deeptown is a very responsible chap and works as a professional freelance illustrator with a reputable client list (please see below). He accepts all sorts of commissions from book illustration to characterised portraits. His love of ink and watercolour and eccentricity of line is ever present in his work. Whilst he is very happy using traditional medias, Danny is always looking to push creative boundaries so is constantly experimenting with his style to add new depth. His more recent artworks combines a mixture of traditional and digital media, added textures and hand drawn typography, which add a contemporary freshness to his work.

Whatever the brief, be it book illustration, editorial, or licensing projects, Danny’s attention to detail and passion for bringing a project to life will be evident and leave you with a piece which is vibrant and full of energy.

When not in his studio, Danny likes to spend his time adventuring and seeking out new places relatively remote in nature. He is happiest in a secret place surrounded by trees with passing water where he can sit and reflect with his new son, River, and tell him 'that's what you're named after.' Again, on occasion, he tries to sneak off with his sketchbook, but it's not long until he gets caught out by Mum, fellow illustrator Eleri Fowler, and is told 'This is family day, Deeptown. Stop sneaking!'

Despite being a big 60's rock n roll fan, Danny's favourite sound is silence, but these days he doesn't get to hear it very often.


ING Banking, SwankyPants Publishers, Paper Rose,Barrington Stoke Publishing, Cocktail Kitchen, Tonique, The Educational Company of Ireland, The Gambian, Hinkler Publishing, Beth Behrs (from two Broke Girls), Flying Frog Publishing, and MPC (The Moving Picture Company), in addition to a wide selection of private commissions.

He's often putting day to day work on Instagram where you can see new illustrations of projects currently working on. If you happen to find what you see interesting then please give him a follow. Thank you.